Come, settle down with a cup of coffee or tea if you prefer...

Come, settle down with a cup of coffee or tea if you prefer and don't forget to leave back a little love...

December 29, 2011

The New Year countdown - ALL THINGS WITH LOVE

From here
May you be blessed with chubby hands to love.

Via Etsy
May there be Faith and Hope to accompany Love
Via Pinterest
May there be more moments that go "Awwwwwww"
Only two more days to go :o) Wishing all things with L<3VE in the New Year!


December 28, 2011

New Year Countdown - ALL THINGS STYLISH

Free People Floral Nights Maxi Dress
BHLDN Versailles Booties


Image Source

 Ending with a style icon like Audrey, I have a craving of a new post of her own (soon). Have you seen her in Roman Holiday? Doesn't it want you to go to Rome and fall in  Love (And be a princess like her ;o))?
 Wishing you all things STYLISH in the New Year!


December 27, 2011

The New Year countdown - ALL THINGS SWEET

Image Source: Taste Spotting
Image Source
Image Source
Image Source
Image Source

 Wishing you all things SWEET in the New Year! Only  four days to go!


Cute Photo Shoot

Isn't this the cutest photo shoot ever?

This and more cute photo shoots on OntoBaby.


December 26, 2011

The New Year countdown - ALL THINGS SHIMMERY

Mason Jar lights from here.

via pinterest
from Anthropologie
from here
Shimmer leather clutch from net-a-porter
Wishing you all things SHIMMERY in the New Year!


December 24, 2011

Season's Greetings!

 Hello there!
How have you been? Busy planning new year parties and outings? I am sort of playing mellow this year. I think that the new year should be enjoyed in full consciousness and awareness. And Christmas Wishes to all the Christian readers here. I am not a Christian but I completely enjoy the spirit, there's gift exchanging and kind deeds everywhere. With Christmas I wanted to share a great advent Christmas Story series on The Girl And a Glue Gun. I have read a few (I may have even cried a little reading few). Kimbo published story after story of some Christmas magic. Go and check it here. Also get this beautiful free greeting from Cafe Cartolina.
Have a good Christmas Day you all!


December 22, 2011


Hi freinds,

Sorry for the lack of posting here. I was back to Nagpur visiting family and attending a dear friend's wedding. It was fun, mostly due to the getting ready and chill-out time with family. Photos of the ceremony to come. My phone and laptop are still uncooperative, so the photos may have to wait.

         I am here today to ask for some help from you guys. I bought a beautiful hardback book with nice projects on crochet. The New Crochet - 40 wonderful wearables is a great book with basics as well as wearable projects which are all gorgeous (here for Indians on flipkart!). I bought it from a local book store - Manny's. It is located in Camp, Pune. It's a great book store. It has books stocked for every subject under the Sun. But back to the book, because other than crochet, this book - love of mine could take another blog altogether. So here is the help I require - I need to know if you people by any chance know of any local stores in Pune where I can buy quality and variety cotton and wool yarn? Becauce I bought this book and because it has so many lovely projects, I am a little depressed thinking that I will never get such beautiful Yarn here anywhere in India :( Guys please help out, any help will be of great help.
Thank you all in advance. Ciao. Have a lovely day.

Addendum - I am psyched. After searching and searching online for a store in India which has fancy knitting and crochet yarn, I found this via vivastreet.It's an online wool store in India. It's heaven and source for all the chunky and mettalic and ribbon yarn you can ask for. It seems a little pricey but shipping in India is free and what is a little price for pretty yarn :)


December 8, 2011

My laptop is acting weird :(

Hello guys,

My laptop is acting extremely weird. It may actually be my phone even. Remember how I promised yesterday to show you pictures of my finished scarf (it's is a scarfette rather). Well I did click pictures of it in the morning but now my lappy is refusing connections with my phone and I cannot transfer the pictures here :(
I was so excited to show you those. My first ever finished project.
Alright I will try to get it fixed ASAP and show you the pictures. Till then let's go back to few cheery things. Are you hooked on to Pinterest yet? Oh my God! it's like window shopping, even better coz you don't even need to move an inch and yet you can drool on hundreds of good looking things :) You can follow me here if interested. And then we can drool on things together! :P
Here are examples of a few good things there:
Ready for some serious bling?

Source1,Source2, Source3 via pinterest.

And want some kickstart DIY inspiration? Look no further.
Etsy via pinterest
 And this bracelet:

Etsy via pinterest
I have wanted to make this dress for so long (mental note - as soon as my machine is fixed) :

A small snippet blog via pinterest
Well make sure you start crazy pinning :)
Have a good night.
Love -


December 7, 2011

The Shimmer Story is brand new and fresh!

Hey freinds,

I tweaked my blog layout a little. it looks much fresher to me now. Also, I added a little signature :) can you see it? It looks a little too girlish to me now. I may upload a new one later on (he he!)

Also, do you remember I told you about a list of projects I am trying to complete. Well, as it always happens with me, I took a little detour and am making this Anne Lace scarf instead. It is totally addicting. I am adding to it so fast, it comes about in a jiffy. Also I am working with a soft shimmery eyelash yarn. The stitches dont show on the scarf :( but it is soft and cuddly, even more than a normal woolen scarf. So I thought this would be a great gift for my friend who is getting married next Sunday :)
This is what I love about crocheting, it's almost therapeutic to work with and you get cool things to wear and gift. I am totally hooked to this considering that I started just about a couple months ago. I will try and post a few pictures of the done scarf here. Sorry for the delay. Also I may post pictures of another fun project.

Ciao till the next post.


December 6, 2011

My favorite Etsy Items - Crochet

Hey guys,

My second post today ;)
I entered in a pattern giveaway at Crochet in color. Great patterns there. You can enter the giveaway here.

On a completely unrelated note, I made a list of few of my favorite crochet things from Etsy:

First is this LavenderFeild shop. It has great crochet jewelery. Here is the blog.
How darling is this squares necklace:


And this bib necklace is elegant and a great statement piece at the same time:


Second is this Yoola Jewelery shop. This shop is pure pleasure to look at. Crochet, with wire and such finesse? Kudos to the designer. I love everything there, but for the sake of a few cute images here, here are my favorites (favoritest! is that even a word?):


Have you seen anything more *meshyandclassatthesametime* (a long word :o)) in contemporary jewelery?
And this bracelet is what? drool worthy if nothing else:


The Yoola Design blog is here.
Want some cozy goodness? Don't look further than this pattern shop called TwoGirlPatterns. Every pattern of theirs wants me to cozy up and start crocheting:
Have a look at these darling baby sandals pattern:


And these grown - up slippers:


A few random crochet goodness from Etsy again:


I so want this yarn pot. It's also in my favorite color at the moment. The BlueRoomPottery shop has some other lovely colors and Yarn Bells too.


I have a sudden craving to get my hands on some cotton yarn and crochet these. Aren't these gorgeous? I know, there is a pretty bleak chance of me getting it to look THAT beautiful. But a girl can dream. Hmmm.

That is it from my end. What are your favorite Etsy shops? Where do you go drooling in 'Pin' land?

- Mrunmayee