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December 6, 2011

My favorite Etsy Items - Crochet

Hey guys,

My second post today ;)
I entered in a pattern giveaway at Crochet in color. Great patterns there. You can enter the giveaway here.

On a completely unrelated note, I made a list of few of my favorite crochet things from Etsy:

First is this LavenderFeild shop. It has great crochet jewelery. Here is the blog.
How darling is this squares necklace:


And this bib necklace is elegant and a great statement piece at the same time:


Second is this Yoola Jewelery shop. This shop is pure pleasure to look at. Crochet, with wire and such finesse? Kudos to the designer. I love everything there, but for the sake of a few cute images here, here are my favorites (favoritest! is that even a word?):


Have you seen anything more *meshyandclassatthesametime* (a long word :o)) in contemporary jewelery?
And this bracelet is what? drool worthy if nothing else:


The Yoola Design blog is here.
Want some cozy goodness? Don't look further than this pattern shop called TwoGirlPatterns. Every pattern of theirs wants me to cozy up and start crocheting:
Have a look at these darling baby sandals pattern:


And these grown - up slippers:


A few random crochet goodness from Etsy again:


I so want this yarn pot. It's also in my favorite color at the moment. The BlueRoomPottery shop has some other lovely colors and Yarn Bells too.


I have a sudden craving to get my hands on some cotton yarn and crochet these. Aren't these gorgeous? I know, there is a pretty bleak chance of me getting it to look THAT beautiful. But a girl can dream. Hmmm.

That is it from my end. What are your favorite Etsy shops? Where do you go drooling in 'Pin' land?

- Mrunmayee

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