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December 6, 2011

Window shopping

Hello People,

I am in an unusually great mood today. No idea why, but that is not such a bad thing at all, is it? Hope you all too are having a great time. I have been shopping a lot these days *a lot* (alright!) window shopping. I told you about my friend's wedding. So, I have been window shopping on the internet for shoes and stuff. Here are a few things I like and are really affordable.
1. These Ethnic slippers. Love the color and they really appeal to my style, elegant and comfy.
2. Second would be these. Aren't they gorgeous? And really affordable! That is a score. They will go with my saree as well. I will post a few pictures of my saree later on. Do you guys have any suggestions on shoe store where I can buy online and that they have good choice in ethnic shoes and they ship quickly, because the wedding is like next Sunday. Yikes!

I guess I will just have to shop locally.

Have a great day you all!

- Mrun

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