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December 7, 2011

The Shimmer Story is brand new and fresh!

Hey freinds,

I tweaked my blog layout a little. it looks much fresher to me now. Also, I added a little signature :) can you see it? It looks a little too girlish to me now. I may upload a new one later on (he he!)

Also, do you remember I told you about a list of projects I am trying to complete. Well, as it always happens with me, I took a little detour and am making this Anne Lace scarf instead. It is totally addicting. I am adding to it so fast, it comes about in a jiffy. Also I am working with a soft shimmery eyelash yarn. The stitches dont show on the scarf :( but it is soft and cuddly, even more than a normal woolen scarf. So I thought this would be a great gift for my friend who is getting married next Sunday :)
This is what I love about crocheting, it's almost therapeutic to work with and you get cool things to wear and gift. I am totally hooked to this considering that I started just about a couple months ago. I will try and post a few pictures of the done scarf here. Sorry for the delay. Also I may post pictures of another fun project.

Ciao till the next post.


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