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December 22, 2011


Hi freinds,

Sorry for the lack of posting here. I was back to Nagpur visiting family and attending a dear friend's wedding. It was fun, mostly due to the getting ready and chill-out time with family. Photos of the ceremony to come. My phone and laptop are still uncooperative, so the photos may have to wait.

         I am here today to ask for some help from you guys. I bought a beautiful hardback book with nice projects on crochet. The New Crochet - 40 wonderful wearables is a great book with basics as well as wearable projects which are all gorgeous (here for Indians on flipkart!). I bought it from a local book store - Manny's. It is located in Camp, Pune. It's a great book store. It has books stocked for every subject under the Sun. But back to the book, because other than crochet, this book - love of mine could take another blog altogether. So here is the help I require - I need to know if you people by any chance know of any local stores in Pune where I can buy quality and variety cotton and wool yarn? Becauce I bought this book and because it has so many lovely projects, I am a little depressed thinking that I will never get such beautiful Yarn here anywhere in India :( Guys please help out, any help will be of great help.
Thank you all in advance. Ciao. Have a lovely day.

Addendum - I am psyched. After searching and searching online for a store in India which has fancy knitting and crochet yarn, I found this via vivastreet.It's an online wool store in India. It's heaven and source for all the chunky and mettalic and ribbon yarn you can ask for. It seems a little pricey but shipping in India is free and what is a little price for pretty yarn :)


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  1. Hope your search goes as you wish. =) Great blog.

    Followed, hope you don't mind. And maybe some day you'll visit me.