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March 5, 2012

My favorite season

Hello dear awesome people,
How have you been? I have been utterly uninspired to blog, since I am not 'creating' or 'learning anything'. Hence the lack in posts. But I am back and well into spring :o) Don't you just love this season. I feel so fresh every morning with the crisp wind through the windows (not that it has inspired me to wake up early and go exercising), birds chirping everywhere (here I am ignoring a few annoying pigeons who have made troubling me very much the aims of their lives) and the blossoms everywhere, I mean when do you get to see SO MANY COLOURS?  I see bright yellow hues and purple, the dusty powdery purple and a real beautiful white and pink on blooms everywhere.
And have you heard of the 'Palash Tree' or very rightfully called the 'Flame of the forest'. Let me give you an idea. What do you think? It's gives yours eyes a feast of bright, beautiful orange colour which you cannot take your eyes off. It's is precisely this season in which the tree is stripped off all it's leaves leaving these breathtakingly beautiful flowers behind, creating a scene as if the forest is on fire. These are a vital part of the festivities at Holi, the festival of colours. It is one festival which should be witnessed by everyone, for the sheer involvement of colour and pure joy. I have fond memories of celebrating Holi in my school days. It was supposed to be a very big deal (I don't even have a holiday this year *really angry face here*). Though I don't play it anymore, well not as much as I used to. It's still fun to observe people and try and identify, who's who at the end of the day :o)

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 I wish you all a very happy Spring season. May you enjoy in your part of the world, as much as we are getting ready to enjoy it here.

 P.S - Stay tuned for a first DIY here. Here's a hint.


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