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February 1, 2012

Store Find - LushIndia

Hello dear readers,

All you Indian girls, you have been reading about how good a 'Dry Shampoo' is and all the advantages of not washing your hair but spraying this magic potion on instead. But where do you get this damn Dry Shampoo thing. Here is the big reveal - Here's your store my dearies - Lush India.

Their Dry Shampoo is an all natural product, what can be better? Magic Potion + All Natural. I am ordering one and then letting you know if it works.
Till then check out all the lovely and yummy - looking bath products there. You will thank me for this.

Also, while you are there, check out their valentine's range. Here is how they describe their 'Love Portion'

"In days of yore, a young maiden with her eyes on a likely lad would ask the village wise woman for a love potion. These days a girl needs to take a more hands-on approach, so we’ve created this modern alternative which is sure to get you plenty of amorous attention from your special someone. Love Potion is a massage bar with a difference. As well as the soft, melty cocoa and shea butters we’ve added some cornflour to the mix, which absorbs excess oils. So when the massage is over, you’ll be left with skin that feels soft and touchable, but not greasy. Love Potion is perfumed with our best-selling Love fragrance; a light, sexy apple scent with citrusy top notes to inspire devotion."

Sounds divine, doesn't it? And yummy too :)
And I wish I could have each one of their perfumes.

P.S - This store was named in Vogue India for their all natural products.


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