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February 22, 2012

Currently loving and the learning curve

Hello friends,

 I have been away for a long time. Taking stock of things and getting back to work commitments. Including a very demanding fasting day in the middle. I came back to report that I am going slowly on the learning curve, learning to sketch a basic model figure, with 9 heads. Ha Ha. It's actually a technique to draw a fashion sketch, one of the learning methods. Here is a video tutorial for the technique:

I also wanted to share a few ideas for decorating with glass vases (which look deceivingly more like fish bowls. hmmm... May be you could use old fish bowls) at Heaven And Home magazine.

I love the first one with soaked lilies the best. It is really lovely with a calm, non overpowering decorating sense to it. Also the one with dried moss is innovative.

There are some declutter your home ideas too there. Go check.

Books organised with color :) that is my kind of decorating.
What do you think of that hilarious dog? See ya people.


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