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January 28, 2012

Fun links for the week

How are you guys? I have been busy watching too much tennis, too much spending on crazy unwanted shopping and reading this all the time. Too much to do, much less time.
Here are some waste-your-time-browsing-great-links kind of links: Enjoy.
                      I remember doodling at the back of notebooks in school. Here is an artsy modern take to doodling.

             I hope you are not yet tired of too much pink, because this gorgeous children's photography by Vanessa Lewis has lots of pink. Go and have a look at some more of this cuteness here.

This is such a cool idea and cute too.
A really sweet "where do babies come from" post. You will want to read the whole thing.
Do you know how to draw on a pillow? Learn the how-to here.
Go have a look at some eye-popping book sculptures here.

And I want to leave you with these really pretty and happy oil paintings by Gil Elvgren. She is considered to be the greatest pin-up artist of all times.

Have a good weekend.
P.S - Did you see how to wear a strapless dress? learn the art here at The Beauty Department. I am loving all of their Fashion Friday posts.


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