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January 15, 2012

Bollywood favorites of all times

                           The 10th Pune International Film Festival is currently on in my city. The vitals of being an Indian 20 something is loving films. You can find your own liking, it may be the average dance - song - drama films that Bollywood routinely dishes out. The more sophisticated and averagely well - read Indian might tell you he/she hates the routine Bollywood fare, but secretly loves it though. I am not the one to be ridiculing those, because I am one of those. I am no one to comment on movies - to be watched and not, but nonetheless I love my share of bollywood tear - jearker drama and Hollywood action - wakshun.
                         With the International Film Festival going on here, which I am unable to catch due to work commitments (yeah! work that pays you sucks in many other ways. Boss, if you are reading this - "I love programming and the paycheck"), I thought I would give you some hints of what to watch if you ever set your mind on watching Indian Bollywood film.

 1. The typical blockbuster drama movies -
 Sholay - This epic blockbuster movie released in 1975 is considered the greatest film in India Cinema. It has all the ingredients of a masala flick - great songs, great action, good comedy, a convincing villain and great chemistry between actors. It's a must watch to ready your palate for more Bollywood masala (spice).

2. Mushy romance -
Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge - This film released in 1995 and ran in packed houses for years. It still runs in a theater in Mumbai. More words of praise here on this Wikipedia page.
3. Comedy -
There are many I love in this genre. But you have to be an Indian to enjoy these, to understand to drama behind landing a great job and falling for the boss's daughter (it may probably be hazardous anywhere in the world though)

Golmaal - the old one
Jane Bhi D Yaaron - Especially recommend this one.
Chalti ka naam gadi.
Some which do not fit in one category but are splendid noneteless -
Rand De Basanti
Anand - it's a bit of tear jerker
Mr And Mrs Iyer - This one is a must watch, more for the two brilliant actors and an uncluttered, subtle storyline.
Utsav - A beautiful movie with stunning visuals and melodious music, Utsav captures the glory and value system of 3rd century India.
A wednesday
Black Friday
Chak De India
You could go with my list or a more exhaustive list at IMDB.
Have a good sunday you all.


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